Melbourne Business Directory 


Melbourne BD ( is the fastest-growing, most favorite, and highly-respected online directory of local businesses in Melbourne. We provide a venue for small and medium-sized enterprises in Melbourne, Australia to compete with their bigger and well-funded competitors online and we do it for FREE.


Since our launching in 2012, we have grown to become the most-preferred and most-visited online business directory in Melbourne. Our operations principle is simple – we just want to provide Melbourne residents with a directory where they can find businesses and service provider fast and easy.


Local Directory of Local Businesses 


We know that searching for businesses and service providers online can sometimes become stressful and irritating. When you search for a nearby tailoring shop, most often you’d be taken to a tailoring shop located in China or in the US. When you want to know the nearest pharmacy in your neighborhood, you often are presented with pharmacies located in Sydney. wants to eliminate that clutter and time-wasting online searches. Now, you can quickly find the nearest businesses or service providers in your area. Simply type the keywords, key in your location and you will be presented with local businesses located near you.


Online Presence for Small Entrepreneurs 


For businesses, our online directory affords small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to finally have online presence so they can maximize online exposure of their businesses or services. We know how expensive it is to launch and online marketing and promotions campaign. And we know it will be impractical for a small business owner to pour all the resources for online marketing. provides local businesses with their needed online exposure as more and more Melbourne residents now go to the Internet to look for products or services. By joining our online directory, each business owner gets the following advantages:


         - Maximum business exposure online

         - High rankings in search engines

         - Capture more local target market

         - Increase business inquiries and sales

         - Get easily found by customers online


Your 5-minute Ticket to Online Success 


You don’t need to be an IT expert or a programmer to list your business in our directory. Listing is easy, quick, and user-friendly so you don’t have to hire a professional. It takes less than 5 minutes to tap the vast online market for your business and each listing consists of the following information:


         - Business name and address

         - Contacts, emails, and link to your website

         - Product or service details

         - Google map of your location

         - A free website to further promote your business or services


Yes, it only takes 5 minutes to put your business online and compete with the larger and bigger competitors. Five minutes that can bring success to your business!


About Melbourne 


Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia. The metropolitan area is home to 4.3 million people. The city is considered as an important financial center, where two of Australia's big four banks are located. Although it is an industrial city, Melbourne continues to be a home of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses that have helped stir the local economy.


The city has a business-friendly atmosphere and a local government that encourages small businesses and provides protection to small investors.



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