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About Art Tree Creations

Art Tree Creations is a platform for the amateurs who wish to experiment with the art for the first time and for the artists to learn their hands on the various epoxy pigment and epoxy resin art.

We motivate our artists to explore and push their creativity by indulging in our Melbourne art classes and making the most out of the resin art. Our workshops are aimed towards encouraging the artists to step outside their comfort zone and learn new art techniques. Not only artwork, we also provide Melbourne art supplies that can be used in creating resin jewellery.

Our Products:

We strive to provide artists with a range of quality art supplies in Melbourne including:

Resin Pigment
Art Boards
Resin Dye
Resin Colour
Silicone Moulds
Face Paint Supplies
Mica Powder
Coloured Epoxy

Why Choose Us?

Providing artists with a top-quality art supplies
Creating a learning platform for beginners and artists
Organising workshops to explore various resin art and art supplies.
Encouraging artists to step out of their comfort zone to learn new art techniques

To inquire about our next workshop or about ordering the art supplies, feel free to get in touch with us today.


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