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Experienced and dedicated Building & Construction, Litigation and Property Lawyers.

BOUTIQUE MELBOURNE LAWYERS handles Building and Construction matters, Property, Conveyancing, Insurance, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Owners Corporation, Security of Payment, Development Agreements, Commercial Leases, Contract Law and general litigation matters such as debt recovery on behalf of sub-contractors.

Boutique Lawyers offers fixed-fee billing, as agreed, to Home Owners, Owner Builders, Builders, Sub-Contractors, Owners Corporations, Business Owners, Developers and other individuals.

Call us on 1300 556 140 to book a FREE 30-minute consultation or visit our corporate website: 

Boutique Lawyers specialises in the following areas:

•Building & Construction Law

•Contract Drafting & Disputes

•Property Law

•Contract Law


•Debt Recovery

•Insolvency & Bankruptcy

•Development Agreements

•Owners Corporation Law

•Security of Payment

•Commercial Leases

•Insurance Claims



Our full suite of services:

| Administrative & Constitutional Law  

    - VCAT Appearances  

| Commercial, Business & Corporate Law  

    - Bankruptcy & Insolvency (Corporate)  

    - Commercial Contracts  

    - Construction, Infrastructure and Major Projects  

    - Insurance (for disputes see Dispute Resolution)  

| Dispute Resolution  

    - Alternative Dispute Resolution  

    - Building Disputes  

    - Commercial Litigation  

    - Debt Recovery  

    - Insurance Disputes  

    - Partnership Disputes  

    - Property Disputes  

| Property & Planning  

    - Adverse Possession  

    - Caveats  

    - Leases & Tenancies (Commercial)  

    - Owners Corporation Act  

    - Planning & Developments (Including sub-division, Covenants & Easements)  

    - Residential Building Contracts  

Also servicing the Eastern and Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.


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