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About Bad Backs

Are you feeling sharp or constant nagging pain? Do you have problems sleeping or does your neck hurt? Cannot stand the discomfort? Or maybe even looking for ways to prevent back pain. Then, welcome to the Bad Backs Store! We're a team of typical back pain sufferers with a passion for empowering anyone looking at prevention, or with acute or chronic back pain, to find solutions that work for them.

From our retail stores in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth where you can touch and feel our product range and engage with our customer service team, to the Bad Backs Stores website that abounds with relevant health news, latest medical research, a Discussion Forum to share your experiences, together with our tried and tested  or the latest innovative therapeutic products; Bad Backs is a must visit to help you find some answers.

And with more than a decade of experience in resourcing the latest spinal research, we are proud of our HONcode accreditation since 2002. For those unaware of HONcode, this international foundation (based in Geneva, Switzerland) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to guide non-medical users and medical practitioners to useful and reliable medical and health information. We join the likes of the Cancer Council of Australia, my Dr and Health Insight.


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