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About Blend Design

Located in Clifton Hill, Blend Design is the leading home styling company serving in Melbourne and greater Victoria. We have more than 18 years of the industry and have built an enviable reputation for being the competent property stylists and interior stylist in Melbourne. 


Over the years, we have curated a wide range of furniture and styles. Being the leading interior decorator and furniture stylist, we keep ourselves constantly updated with the latest trends and styles by regularly acquiring new pieces. This enables us to offer our clients a unique look that enhances their property’s appeal. 


Our Services:


Property Styling

Property Staging/ Home Staging

Home Decorating

Consultation & Furniture Packages

Maintenance Services


We bring in our expertise in house staging and presenting the property to make the interior of the property’s a major selling point and grabs a better deal. What’s more, we can also arrange the maintenance of the property. From painters and flooring installers to electricians, gardeners and cleaning service, we can arrange all. We can coordinate and manage all services and trades on behalf of our client. 


We are the expert real estate stylists in Melbourne. So to get the maximum return from the property, get in touch with us today! We can arrange a FREE consultation.


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