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About Calmnest Property Styling

Selling a property is as stressful as it is momentous. So many things to think about and organise like conveyancing, and trades to perform some presale touch ups or minor renovation, banks, building and pest inspections, the list just goes on and on. And then your real estate agent tells you a declutter might be in order, and you will also need to hire a stylist all of a sudden you are feeling overwhelmed and wishing that someone could do it all for you. That is exactly what Calmnest Property Styling will do for you. With us managing this process, you can enjoy the journey of selling and have peace-of-mind, knowing everything is being handled with care and expert knowledge, to achieve the best possible outcome. Based in Melbourne Vic, we are a team of property professionals who understand preparing a house for sale has challenges, so we designed an end to end solution that manages the entire property realisation process from trades for renovation, to cleaners and gardeners, wealso offer pest and building inspection and conveyancing.


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