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About Camel and Straw Media Pty Ltd

Unattractive websites are distressing your customers. Give them some love, do not build a website, Build a Customer Attraction Program with TheCamel.coTM.

Who is the TheCamel.coTM?

Camel and Straw Media PTY LTD or simply TheCamel.coTM is the primary fulfillment partner for Duda Pro and Duda Hire a Pro.

They are Customer Attraction Experts team in Australia and the Philippines that has devoted the past few years to creating sensational first impressions for Business Websites. Using the DudaMobile Dynamic Content Platform, they produce sites for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Phones, “The Trilogy” of customer contact. They create that First Impression by designing and building “Sexy Sites” with features across “The Trilogy” that are Call to Action for your customers. Action to buy, to sleep, to wear, to eat, to drink, a call to action to contact and visit you and your business.

Why do build them and not you?

They are Duda Design experts, and they want your websites to look great and they do it frankly. You are better off spending your time on strengthening your business, not being a graphic designer. TheCamel.coTM also does the task at a price that you would have to be crazy to do it yourself, and their Duda Support is remarkable as well. Others charge many hundreds of dollars for a mobile site and crazy dollars for a fixed website. They present impressive Duda Designs for a price that you will not need to mortgage your house for!

Has Camel and Straw Media PTY LTD built many sites?

You can take a look at their Portfolio. They produced so many sexy DudaOne and Duda Mobile sites that they have lost count and have made them for Businesses in Asia, the US, and Australia - just to name few places. They have created them for Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Karate schools, Plumbers even Puppy Schools - All of them Special, and All of them Sexy.

Camel and Straw Media’s DUDAOne is not just a website but a customer attraction program.

In business today you need many things to survive let alone grow. In this Mobile Internet World, you can sum it up with three points;

(1) You need a website that has an awesome first impression on all devices that people use.

(2) You need Promotions and offers that change constantly and attract attention, and

(3) you need to be present in a Google search as quite simply if people can’t find you? It’s going to be tough.

You need a Customer Attraction Program (CAP) and that is what DudaOne is.

  • MULTI-SCREEN WEBSITE - A Fully Customized Multi-screen Website that will deliver that First Awesome Impression of Your Business on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

  • DUDAONE INSITE - InSite that guarantees change to new and existing customers in “What's on Offer” or “What's happening with your Business.”

  • SEARCH ENGINE  OPTIMIZATION - TheCamel.coTM makes sure that your DudaOne site is set up from the start with the right information, keywords, image size, directory listings, formatting to stay in the sights of Google.

Camel and Straw Media don't have a Mission. They have a promise, and that Promise is?

With TheCamel.coTM Duda Pro Fullfillment Plan and Duda Hire a Pro, they will design and deliver a Website that will be an Awesome First Impression for your customers with features that will call them to action: to visit, buy, or book at your Business.

The Camel Team proudly announces the new line of services for you: The Duda Doctor and Widget Workshop!

With the Duda Doctors help, rest assured that every high level coding issues, custom built widgets, and Duda API integration will be resolved to fit you and your business.

The Widget Workshop on the other hand is now open for those interested in upgrading the way the client present their websites to their prospects - without the bloody coding set-up that only the Duda Doctors can provide. As a brainchild of the specialists in all Duda Products - The Camel is here to support you along the way.

Many small to large business and establishments websites has been ‘Camell-ized’, so when are you? Check out the for more details.

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