Nicholson Street
Melbourne, VIC
Level 9, 440 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC
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About Chincommunications

Our people We’re selective with who we let in. Our team is comprised of the brightest translators and interpreters, Masters-level graduates, AICD members, business school graduates, high-level academia, an OAM recipient, and qualified communications experts who are well-travelled, highly experienced, and have lived fully. We invest in our people to nurture their personal and professional development so we can move forward together. Get to know our team. Our culture Ours is a culture of empathy and understanding – this is what happens when one shares a space with multi-linguists, multinationals, multi-disciplinaries, multi-cultures: thoughtfulness ensues. We bring out this considered, trustworthy attitude in our work and in our relationships, and many of our clients tend to like being understood. This culture is driven by our ethos: we are many small people in one big world; how can we make the world smaller and our people bigger? Our approach We work in-house and are not an agency. T


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