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About DC Executive Coaching

“Everyone needs a coach,” say Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt.


CEOs and executives are that “everyone.”  Therefore, all CEOs and executives need a coach.

All people have blind spots.  CEOs and executives are people.  In honesty, they have blind spots too.


During coaching, your values, beliefs and assumptions will be challenged independently.  Crucially, all executive decisions, judgments and actions are shaped by these premises.  


DC Executive Coaching was founded by Dr David Chin, a management doctor who coaches CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to succeed in their goals.  His professional background spanned over 30 years in different business settings.  DC Executive Coaching clients benefit from attaining successful goals and results.  Superior coaching is backed by superior management knowledge and skills.  Dr David Chin is a mentor with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and received graduate degrees of MBA from the University of Miami and PhD in management from Monash University.


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