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About Deluxe Duct Cleaning

If you are like most homeowners in Melbourne, you take a lot of pride in keeping a clean and healthy home for your family. You take time to carefully clean all of the surfaces, vacuuming the carpets and even occasionally clean the upholstery. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to make sure that the air in your home isn't filled with potentially harmful contaminants. This is because each time you open the door, or walk inside, you are bringing with you elements of the outdoors. Some of these contaminants will then be sucked into the air duct system, where it will be circulated through the heating pump or air-conditioning system and blown back into your home. Air duct cleaning Melbourne professionals will tell you that the air ducts of your home are often the best host for allergens, bacteria and even environmental contaminants such as pieces of insects and rodent feces. As these contaminants are processed through the air pumps, they become invisible parts of the air that youâ breathing.

Why Choose Deluxe Duct Cleaning?

We use the most powerful and effective cleaning equipment anywhere!

Air duct cleaning is our specialty – it’s all we do!

We Guaranteed workmanship

Removal of all vent covers and clean them thoroughly.

We are available 24*7 hours. We even work on public holidays and can provide same-day and next-day duct cleaning appointments.




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