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DRAINVAULT AUSTRALIA PRESENTS THE ULTIMATE FLOOR WASTE PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR ODOURLESS & HYGIENIC DRAINS. DRAINVAULT'S unique design LOCKS out odours, allows for the control of bacteria and prevents pest entry. This design eliminates the entry of unwanted creepy-crawlies through your drainage system. DrainVault by DRAINVAULT AUSTRLIA is the premium floor waste system providing 24/7 protection, from harmful Odours, Pest invasion plus other unique features, while maintaining a healthy hygienic environment and is suitable for all industrial and household applications The product design also prevents items of jewellery such as dropped rings, earrings etc from disappearing into the drainage system and are easily recovered. The body material resists the growth of harmful bacteria further assisting in the provision of a healthy environment. The Grate is manufactured to the highest standards comprising a chrome plated quality cast material. The sealing effect of this design is not affected by changes to external conditions that an S bend experiences. This is due to the inclusion of a built in relief valve that maintains a balanced pressure to the water seal. DrainVault Features: Drain vault Cut away Water lock technology maintains a hygienic odour free environment eliminating entry of unwanted smells from the drainage system. Water lock technology prevents pest entry from the drainage system. Foam entry eliminating design that prevents foam re-entry where a DrainVault system is installed. Innovative pressure balance relief valve guaranteeing the integrity of the water lock. Suitable for DIY installation by simply swapping the existing Grate with the DrainVault system. DrainVault can be installed in existing or new buildings including, all health facilities, commercial buildings, public facilities and of course offices & homes


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