G6 Starter Kit - Vape Starter Kits

Looking to quit smoking and start vaping? Our high end Halo products offer different options for new or experienced vapers. Whether you choose the cigarette lookalike the G.6, Halo Triton or an advanced Mod , the Tracer or Reactor. Here at Ecigfuture we have you covered with the best E-cigarette starter kits from world acclaimed company Halo.   The G6 has unmatched power and performance using infiniglow batteries. The cartomizers are easy to refill with e-liquid and replace, as are the mini G6 tanks, as an option to upgrade. Small, compact and sophisticated with a colour to suit everyone’s taste. Matching colours and cartomizers G6 mini tanks and drip tips to customize your G6 e-cigarette. The G6 starter kit comes complete with everything you need to start vaping.   - With 1 automatic and 1 manual (65mm batteries), - A packet of 5 cartomizers - A mini wall charger. - A G6 USB charger - All beautifully presented in the Halo satin bound box. - Complimentary US to AUS power adapter - Information Booklet   “For a Limited Time EcigFuture are Offering A Free 10 ml E- Liquid With Every Start Kit Purchase”
Added by ECIG Future on Saturday 17 September 2016
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