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About Giltwood Antiques

With the request for certain classical styles for furniture pieces and décor it was too obvious that there was a demand for high quality reproductions of these styles. Giltwood manufactures a wide range of reproductions as close as you will be able to find to the original models using the same techniques as used in the past. We are allowing our customers to recreate an luxurious image without having to pay a fortune. The philosophy of our company is to offer the most professional and most complete services available. We have over 39 years of experience while our professional and well trained team provides a quotation service and comprehensive measure free of charge. The commitment of Giltwood is to select, import, sell, distribute and install our beautiful and unique antique furniture pieces and décor. When we say unique, it means we never copy other people's design, but many of them have mimic us. Our well known mirror frames are produced in the same way as the original. The packing and shipping of your products can be arranged anywhere in the world. We also offer relocation, restoration and installation of art and antiques. Our goal is to offer professional service with high quality products. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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