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Why don't you do Muay Thai classes anymore? Unfortunately I have stopped running Muay Thai classes as of late 2011. After 16 years in the sport and 12 years of teaching it's time for a change. I've achieved many goals through Muay Thai so it's time to focus on some exciting new challenges and goals. I'm no longer personally training people to ensure I can grow the Personal Training and Kickboxing circuit side of the Gym to its full potential (and have a little time left over for all my other sports). With a team of 15+ Personal Trainers and Muay Thai Trainers from Tweed to Logan it's an exciting new challenge! Whilst we have many great one on one Muay Thai Trainers and pad holders I chose to stop my classes rather than have someone take over. They've been my classes since 1999, so I'd rather stop them altogether and end "my" classes on a high, than have someone take them for me. If you're looking for proper Muay Thai Gym for fight training and sparring please give us a call on 0411228633 so as we can refer you to one of the many excellent Gyms on the Gold Coast. And if you want Muay Thai without the bruises we still have plenty of hard classes to offer you. If you're one of the 1,000 plus people I've trained over years, whether it be for a few classes or a few fights - thank you and keep in touch -----------------------------------------------------


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