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Career Management Melbourne

NotedCareers’ Career Management Program is a managed intensive learning and action program designed to bring you success in your job seeking quest for a rewarding and satisfying career.   We offer a range of career programs to meet your individual needs. You can choose an elective service to meet your job seeking requirement at different stages when applying for jobs, or join our job seeker program, which will guarantee your success and unlimited access to all our consultations and career services.   How do you choose a job that is suitable for you, where can you find a job, how can you get interviews for the job you want, what is really going on during the job seeking process, what is the appropriate strategies for each interview, what should you do after the interview? There are too many questions to ask.   Don’t worry! Our career programs help you not only understand every step during the job seeking process, and be fully prepared, but also find the job you want.   1.  Job Seekers Program   2.  Graduate Program Applications 3.  Job Skills Programs (one-on-one support) 4.  Job Seeking Strategy Sessions (groups of 6-9) 5.  Elective Service   We have over 40 career support modes for you to choose from resume writing, position application, enhancing interview skills, presentation skills, career mentoring, career strategies, career coaching and guide, etc.   There are many other elective services avaiable. Please contact us now and discuss how we could help.
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