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About Owner Builders Guide

ďThe Owner Builders Guide is an easy to follow publication that has been written specifically for those who are building their own home for the first timeĒ Itís an exciting undertaking owner building your own home. Aside from saving a large amount of money and getting the finished product that YOU want, it can be a very rewarding experience. Itís not all plain sailing though. Many owner builders are faced with challenges that lead to overspend, delays in completion or unmet expectations in terms of the finished product. Building a new house is a huge undertaking and most people simply donít educate themselves enough. With the right education, you can gain the knowhow to plan and execute your project and make the difference between success and failure in owner building. The Owner Builders Guide has been written by people who have been through the entire process of building a home. We have faced the challenges that youíre likely to come up against and now wish to shar


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