CPP30411 Certificate III (Body Guarding)

Certificate III (Body-guarding) Course Overview   This course is aimed at those who are motivated, properly trained individuals with the desire to answer a critical need; the current crime epidemic can be the basis for a new career.   Prominent business and entertainment professionals are turning to capable bodyguards to give them what the times demand and what official law enforcement agencies admit they cannot – protection. The need for protective services has created an alternative occupation for the professional martial artist, but the calling requires more than the marketing of “muscle and martial arts prowess”.   These two areas are limited as Executive protectionist and usually hinder the true meaning of Executive Personal Security.   Providing capable protection for celebrities, executives and VIP’s can be a most rewarding occupation.   An Executive Protectionist is a person who by virtue of his/her employment personally guards and protects another person, usually referred to as a principal. The Protectionist is essentially proficient in the areas of security devices, unarmed combat, weaponry, first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In addition to having expertise in those areas many bodyguards learn high proficiency skills, techniques of bomb disposal, fire-fighting and hostage negotiation.   “Selling protective services is hardly something new. Bodyguards have existed in virtually every age, in every time and place, in free nations, and in dictatorships.”   To complete the qualification successfully you need to follow the instructions within the Competency Assessment Record and its associated Guide. This course will run on a themed basis, taking approximate times for each section or block of material (outlined at the end of each block). You are welcome to jump to sections that interest you more than others but, in the interest of building an online learning community that is communicative, you are asked to do your best to keep up with the readings and activities as they are active.   You will get more out of this course if you feel you can offer your opinions and ideas in activities and expect to get a response from your classmates because they too are working on the same material. Each section follows a linear pattern, however, again, please feel free to adjust your learning to your own preferred style; in other words, if you prefer to watch the films before doing the readings or vice versa, please do so.
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