Plantation Shutters

5 ways plantation shutters benefit you and your home: 1. Plantation shutters are low maintenance; requiring little to no upkeep. When properly cared for, the average homeowner will only need to dust and wipe finger prints from their plantation shutters. 2. Shutters are custom fit to each window opening, they are more energy efficient than other window covering options. plantation shutters can help to reduce your energy bills by minimizing the amount of cooled or heated air leaking from your homes windows. 3. Years ago, plantation shutters adorned only the most elite homes. Today, your average homeowner can enjoy the affordability of plantation shutters along with the look of exclusivity. 4. Plantation shutters are a permanent feature of your home. Unlike other types of window coverings that need to be changed every few years; shutters, when properly cared for, will not need to be changed out. This is a benefit for both you as the current homeowner and to the future owners of your home. 5. Plantation Shutters give you the benefit to control the light as well as the view through your windows. A full variety of louver slat sizes from the traditional 1 ¼” louver up to 6 ½” louvers will compliment any décor you desire. This will give you a full range of light control as well as aesthetic appeal.
Added by RNS Blinds on Thursday 16 January 2014
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