Nicholson Street
Melbourne, VIC
Level 9, 440 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC
VIP Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
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About VIP Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Dust mite-allergic people who breathe in these particles normally experience allergy symptoms. In fact, a dust mite allergic person who sleeps for 8 hours every night spends 1/3 of his life direct get in touch with a pillow full with dust mite particles! Call VIP Mattress Cleaning Melbourne @1300912255. Here at Mattress Cleaning Melbourne, we merge the latest tools and state of the art methods to remove odors, kill dust mites and their allergens, as well as germs and bacteria that regular cleaning just can't handle. Using a high intensity UVC light, we kill the dust mites, germs and bacteria that live in your mattress. This successfully destroys the microbes that cause odor, without the use of harmful chemicals. Our mattress cleaning procedure is fully chemical free. Your mattress can even be dry within the hour thanks to our dry steaming tools.


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