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About Victoria Trenchless Solutions

Victoria Trenchless Solutions a Rock Drilling Specialist provides technical solutions and experience in providing a non-evasive service for underground infrastructure projects throughout the state of Victoria. Our key goal is that the preservation of the environment wherever underground drilling offers a cost effective solution with lowest disruption to the general public.

As technical consultants, they provide a full assessment of the environment and surrounding infrastructure and supply a full identification of the best machinery which will reach the proper resolution. several projects are technically difficult with advanced activities on multiple fronts with important constraints and adverse operating conditions. VTS concentrate on finding a tailor-made resolution usually tailoring the machinery to suit our client’s distinctive individual needs..

VTS have a tested track record and in depth expertise in Bed boring, Horizontal Drilling and Rock Drilling on Greenfield and Brownfield Sites and equipped with soft ground, mixed ground and arduous rock cutter heads. VTS will cater for tiny tight access bores, mid-sized bores and huge diameter bores in varied and tough ground conditions like saturated soils, soft formation clay, shale, mixed clay and high MPA rock ie: volcanic rock, granite, bluestone, sandstone, iron rock and mudstone.

Victoria Trenchless Solutions experience has been sourced for various and varied hard construction projects, little and huge scale. like water/sewer gas mains, pipefitting, water and wastewater services, delivery of sewer upgrades, waterways, storm water, water mains, communications, network renewal comes, pipeline construction and power/electrical services for state, councils, public, private sector.

Difficult to achieve job sites prove no challenge as they give their excavation service for restricted access and exit location, restricted site assess and confined work space.Victoria Trenchless Solutions place a stress on service delivery excellence, commitment to the environment and competitive costs, bring contented customers, clients over and another time.


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