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About Wendy McCawley Bookkeeping Services


I offer a full range of Bookkeeping Services starting at data entry of sales & purchases, payroll, bank reconciliation, BAS & IAS through to financial reports for you and your Accountant.

Full or partial support available; or training so you can be confident processing it yourself!

I can sort out your current accounts nightmare or set up new business accounts right from the start.


Data entry

I can enter sales invoices, purchases, receipts, loan & chattel mortgage payments, payroll & reconcile your bank & credit card accounts to make sure all your expenses & GST credits have been claimed.



I process Wages, PAYG & Superannuation requirements.

I set up your payroll the correct way to make sure you meet your employer responsibilities.

I can even come on site and process your wages on a weekly basis and transfer payments for you as required.


Financial Reports

·        Reconcile your bank accounts

·        Prepare your BAS & IAS

·        Prepare your Superannuation Contribution Forms

·        Generate a Profit & Loss Report

·        Generate a Balance Sheet

·        Generate an Accounts Receivable report for Debtor Management

·        Generate an Accounts Payable report

At the end of financial year, your data file and reports are provided to your Accountant in either paper based or electronic format.

Accountant friendly financial reports will result in a large saving on your accounting costs.


Accounting software

If you have no accounting software, then your books can be processed at our office.  You do not even need to have a computer as I can do it all for you.  If you do have MYOB software but it is out of date.  I can offer the updated version at cost and install it for you.


Wide Range of Training

I will train you and your staff on how to process some or all aspects of your business accounts.

For example, you only want to enter your sales and customer payments, then I will train you to do that and give you full support by processing and reconciling everything else.


Starting a new Business …

Get it “Right” from the start.

I will install your software and set up your company file and chart of accounts to match your business type, for example retailer, wholesaler, service etc.

I will set up your employees in payroll and set up payroll categories so that you meet all your employer requirements first time around!

Start correctly and you will find end of year tax requirements and BAS a breeze.


I am always only a phone call away to answer any query you may have.


How it works

I work a number of different ways based on an individual clients unique needs.



I evaluate your specific requirements at a meeting or over the phone free of charge.

Do you have Accounting Software?  If yes, then great.  If not, then I do.

Do you have a system up and running or starting from scratch?  I sort out an existing data file and carry on with it, or set up a new one.

Do you want to have your accounts processed at your office or ours?  I come to you, or I can process from our office.

How much of the accounts do you wish to do yourself, if any?  Whatever part you want to do yourself, I will support you in that task and train you if necessary.



After evaluating your needs with you, I will recommend how to get started and implement a plan for the future to keep everything up to date and organised.


Match your requirements

I will visit you to process your accounts onsite or collect your paperwork on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your requirements.


Profit from our experience

Delegating your accounts to a professional will actually save you money by reducing accounting bills, doing away with ATO late penalties, keeping your accounts receivable up to date and most importantly saving your valuable time to do what you do best – running your business.  You will probably even have time for some long overdue leisure activities.



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