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Online counselling provided across Australia and New Zealand. Highly skilled and experienced with 15 years working in mental health and a total of 25 years working in community services. Counselling is available for Abuse Counselling, Grief & Loss, General Counselling, building resilience and Relationship Counselling. Online counselling uses a choice of two methods - Text/Chat (like most IM systems) and Webcam, both using Skype as the vehicle. We chose Skype because it is free to download and free to use Skype to Skype. Skype is also robust, extremely secure and comes without annoying ads! We use Appointments Online for bookings and PayPal for payments - each because they are robust and have high security for you. Look at our website - download our current eZine and hoepfully we can be of service to you! Ideal for people in rural and remote areas; have kids who need babysitting or for people who want to protect their privacy. You need never leave home for counselling!


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